HABITAT: dwelling, residence, abode, crash pad, crib, castle, den, digs, domicile, establishment, flat, habitation, haunt, haven, hearth, household, home, house, hut, joint, lodging, nest, nook, pad, palace, roost, settlement, shanty, quarters, commorancy…. So no matter what it’s called, it belongs to you. SO WHY NOT MAKE IT YOURS IN EVERY WAY?


Our needs in a home are a mirror of our lives. It’s an evolution. Thoughtful modifications can bring balance and provide the level of performance you now need. This could mean moving some walls and redefining spaces, adding new space or a combination of the two. Let Habitations help you (re)create the home that fits your life now.


Habitations is a full-service residential Design group that takes pride in creating quality designs that will truly enhance your living experience and maximize your investment. We custom tailor your design package to specifically address your unique vision and circumstances. Thoughtful design prepared to the highest standards is the cornerstone to your imagination becoming reality.

Custom Home Designers in Atlanta


At times, nature and our property collide. It could be a fire or crushing tree collapse. In events of this magnitude, it’s still construction in the end. The permitting authorities need plans that describe the damage and how it’s being restored. The Insurer, the Restoration Contractor and the property owner need it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. From single-family dwellings to apartment buildings we’re here to help with the professional resources necessary to expedite plan documentation for a solution.

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